Our Story
Since 2012, Securus Contact Systems has provided service across the nation for a multitude of business, from small start-ups to large corporations delivering the best in class contact center solutions. Our success is from our customer's success, building exceptional relationships with clients and delivering memorable customer experiences.

SCS is Located in Portland, Oregon and has continued to grow and gain recognition by the Portland Business Journal as one of the fastest growing 100 companies in the Northwest since 2014. We have created a strong organizational culture, fostering happiness and prosperity through hard work, perseverance, proactive customer service and lighthearted fun in everything we do and have been awarded as one of the top workplaces in Oregon.
The Corner Stones of Securus
Receptionists that represent your business as if they were in your office. Our staff is comprised of upbeat and cheerful individuals that are naturals at leaving a lasting impression with your callers.
Making use of scalable systems and leveraging proprietary software. We have adopted cloud based computing, VoIP telephony and Jabber Communications systems to provide hands down the best quality service in our industry.
No long term contracts, just a simple monthly plan with no hidden fees or agenda. Smart but simple portal and mobile app useability. Quick scripting setup to help us direct your callers.
Securus Contact Systems Co-Founders, Steven Lemma and Kris Drebin
Cultivating receptionists to represent your company with the best possible service
Providing the best communication possible for companies in the USA and Canada. At Securus there is no outsourcing, We produce highly trained team members that are fully qualified to represent any industry, so that calls are answered with a smile, effortlessly every time!

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service, that your clients will always appreciate at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house receptionists.
Our Founding
Founder Kris Drebin single-handedly built a virtual call center platform which proved to be efficient and later funded in 2012 By Co-Founder Steven Lemma and the opening of Securus Contact Systems in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Within the first year, an effective business structure was fully functional with a well-trained receptionist center, a sales force, and pro-active customer service team.
Substantial Growth
Sustainable development and hard working employees have continued to put SCS on the map, providing a viable resource in the business community. SCS had drawn speed and started to climb at exponential bounds with more and more clients realizing that a receptionist service is essential for their front end.

A well-defined core business was in motion and driven to its full potential. In 2018, SCS opened a second location in the Mt. Scott community to make room for a growing receptionist center.
The Future
The culture at SCS has attracted powerful talent from the Northwest which continues to harvest hard working people that build prosperity and growth.

SCS anticipates a continual net positive impact on the business community with the growing need for affordable receptionist services.

Current numbers indicate that SCS will increase their client base exponentially providing many more job opportunities and expanding to other locations.